How to Submit Ebook Deals in the comment section

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Starting on the week of November 18, 2018, I will be posting regular lists of ebook deals that I have discovered recently.

If you are an author and would like to make  readers of this blog aware of your under $2 ebook titles (or are  just an enthusiastic reader wishing to alert people to a great deal), I welcome your comments below the blog posts about these titles. Here are some guidelines. 

  1. No more than two ebooks at a time.  Price must be $2 or less, and you should give us an idea about how long this price will last. 
  2. Except for Smashwords promotions and giveaways — which you should email me about, I actually would prefer that you post self-submissions in the comment section.
  3. Please list ebook deals only in the comment section for  appropriate blog posts. For example, don’t do it on my personal/political blog posts. I post often about bookish topics, but ebook specials don’t belong there. They only belong on the posts that are roundups of ebook deals or  the monthly Smashwords deals. 
  4. Ebook length. I won’t approve your ebook mention if the ebook is less than 50,000 words (or 25,000 for poetry titles). I don’t want to waste people’s time with shorter titles. 
  5. I’m going to delete book mentions that are too niche or special interest. For example, I’m generally not going to approve: Picture books, Foreign Language Books, Textbooks, business/get rich/bitcoin books, joke books, home repair general quack/cult stuff. If you have public domain titles to suggest, please mention ONLY the gutenberg link.
  6. I’m semi-fine with adult-content — as long as the covers are not too racy, and it’s more focused on story rather than  a specific fetish.

Proper Format for Mentioning ebook titles in the comment section:

If you are just mentioning an ebook deal you found somewhere,  you should include the title, author and direct link to the store where it’s being sold. Let me illustrate what I want by mentioning one of the titles published by my own press. 

Example 1:  99 cents. Soldier Boys: Tales of the Civil War by Jack Matthews (Short Stories). Philosophical fiction taking place during the US Civil War.

A few other things. If you know HTML, you can use elements like A, STRONG, etc. Be sure to include genre. Don’t write a long description — we can click through it and read it ourselves. If you want to mention other bookstores, you can do so, just mention the bookstore names — don’t link to them.  As I mentioned, I treat Smashwords titles differently, so be sure to mention it. 

Example 2: 99 cents until Dec 1.  Soldier Boys: Tales of the Civil War by Jack Matthews (Short Stories). Philosophical fiction taking place during the US Civil War. Also on Apple, Smashwords. BN. 

If you are an author, I would prefer that you NOT include  a link to the book page on the author website. Instead, when you make your comment, just put the author URL (or book page URL) in the web form. 

If you submission does not appear

Generally if your  submission follows these rules,  it will run without problem — although usually the first time you submit a comment, it is put in a moderation queue, so you’ll have to wait a bit. 

I’ll try to drop you an email if I think the announcement doesn’t meet the guidelines for some reason. (No promises).

If your comment doesn’t appear after 48 hours, send me an email smash to make sure it wasn’t accidentally put in the spam folder. 







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