Now, for Smashwords authors!

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I’ll be posting more regularly on this blog about ebooks. I recently prepared a longish guide for Smashwords authors about how my blog can help you.  I will be posting a once-a-month roundup of free and low cost Smashwords titles, with the first roundup appearing on Saturday November 24.

I will be posting significantly more often about ebooks, probably 2x a week. Not only about Smashwords titles, but  lots of topics. 

In other news, Mark Coker, the Smashwords founder, has announced a major facelift in the Smashwords bookstore

In other news, while making necessary changes to my blog, I have noticed how much more complicated everything about wordpress (and the Thesis skin) have become… It’s definitely a work in progress…

Font-geeks may have noticed that I changed the default fonts to Merriweather and Merriweather Sans (both Google fonts). 

Finally, I want home page to continue to  feature full posts. (I generally don’t like truncated posts for that reason).  At the same time I want to want book covers on my sidebar, so in the interest of reducing load times, my posts won’t have too many images. I’m happy to report that the Thesis skin I use looks wonderful on both tablets and mobile devices. 







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