Month: February 2019

  • Amazon, affiliate program, goodbye!

    To my surprise and chagrin, I see that Amazon cancelled my participation in the Amazon Affiliate program (which I started a month ago). The email announcing the cancellation did not mention the reason, but after reading the terms, I see something: z) You will not display on your Site, or otherwise use, any Program Content…

  • Map to the stars: The secret delights of annotated bibliographies

    Map to the stars: The secret delights of annotated bibliographies

    Silly me, I realized that I forgot to link to an annotated bibliography (AB) I made of US Civil War fiction a few years ago. I did this as an appendix to a story collection ebook by Jack Matthews I edited a few years ago. This ebook sells for $3 on Amazon and $1.50 on…

  • Robert’s Roundup #8 of Ebooks (Feb 2019 Week 3) — Combined SW and Amazon

    TX litblogger Robert Nagle shares ebook budget deals and ebook finds in Feb 2019 .

  • New Strategy: Longer and Less Often

    Texas litblogger Robert Nagle announcs a change in blog strategy.

  • Making money off your litblog: Thoughts

    Feb 28 Update: Since I made this post, Amazon dropped me from their Amazon Affiliates program, claiming that I violated the terms of the agreement by offering ads to competitor products (in this case Smashwords). I plead guilty as charged! In retrospect, these reflections on the implications of signing up for an affiliate program were…

  • Smashwords vs. Amazon: An ebook comparison

    Sept 2022 Update: Reflected to show the combined merger of Smashwords + Draft2Digital. The next two days will feature posts about ebook distribution and affiliate marketing for blogs. Today’s post will compare two leading ebook distributors (Amazon and Smashwords). Tomorrow’s post (which is here) will explore the dilemmas faced by a blogger in promoting purchases…

  • At the risk of trying people’s patience, life events have prevented me from doing a Robert’s Roundup. I expect to do a column combining Smashwords + Amazon deals later this week.

  • Books by Politicians (and the people who read them)

    Books by Politicians (and the people who read them)

    A few weeks ago I was watching a great interview on Colbert with Bernie Sanders. I love Sanders and find all his ideas to be interesting. Yet when Colbert revealed that Sanders had a new book out, I remember thinking, there is zero chance I’ll be reading this book. Even though I’m a book reader,…