LIF (“Life” minus the letter “E”)

To my dismay, for six days or so, I found that typing a particular button on my PC wouldn’t work. I had to push this button again and again until it (finally!) did its job. That nonfunctioning button was (obviously) my “e” button. How long could humans last without it?

Upon making a visit to Walmart and purchasing a new keyboard, I feel delighted to write fearlessly about life: eager to describe deer and antelopes and beekeepers. Life seems easier, even more gentle.

If you don’t have the letter “e“, what happens?

Instead of “love“, you have only “attractions”.

Instead of “friends”, you have only “companions.”

Instead of “hope” you can only “grasp at straws.”

When humankind starts subtracting from what is sayable, many things will go unsaid.

Humans can only do one thing —








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