Ok, the journey back..

I’ve been busy with various things over the weeks. Last week I attended the destination wedding of my sister Maureen in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Fun, but exhausting!

It’s always a challenge trying to decide the reading material to bring on the trip. Eventually I settled on an early novel by Jack Matthews which I had still not read. It looked fast and easy to read. I also bought at the library a special issue devoted to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Of course, I also had my Samsung tablet. While waiting at airports and inside airplanes, I ended up doing a LOT of reading… I finished the Rolling Stone mag en route to Mexico and read several books about Confucius (more later).

I brought Pictures of the Journey Back to the hotel swimming pool, which was the perfect setting. The novel was a fast read with many short characters and lots of dramatic incident. It was also very funny. Then it hit me — this was the perfect book to bring on a journey — and the journey back…






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