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Ok, I caught wind of the $1 Verso Ebooks sale way too late. It’s going to expire 11:59 EST tonight. But a year ago today I bought a nice collection of ebooks and thought I’d list some purchases of these excellent books as reference for future sales. Just listing now, will annotate later.

Verso Books sells lots of books on social, culture and economic criticism (including neo-Marxist criticism). Also, surprisingly lots of books on climate change, avante-garde, fiction and futurist speculations.

More coming. If you haven’t looked at it, check out my recommendations for the Smashwords July ebook sale (expires at the end of July).

Personville Press Giveaways and Deals

I run Personville Press, a small literary book press where all the ebooks cost less than $4. All the titles are discounted on Smashwords for less that price — and usually under $1.50. Pay attention to any 100% coupon codes which I occasionally list below — they can be redeemed only a small number of times, so first come, first serve. Smashwords only sells epub versions of these titles, but you can easily convert them to Amazon’s mobi format by using Kindle Previewer or Calibre.






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