Climate Change Forum — CCL Katy (Mon Jan 6)

This page contains information about the nonpartisan CCL Climate Change Candidate Forum which is sponsored by the Katy chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby on Monday January 6. This event is free & open to the public, and all congressional candidates from TX7, TX10 and TX22 are invited to attend or send a campaign representative. Because the event (and the CCL organization itself) is nonpartisan, candidates from both parties are welcome to participate. This page will be updated with more information over time.

Climate Forum Topic: What new federal measures would best help communities transition to a low carbon future more quickly?


About CCL – Katy Chapter

The Katy chapter of CCL meets once a month at the Cinco Ranch Public Library. Here’s the Facebook page for this group.

For More information

  • Robert Nagle ( 832 251 7522;
  • David Kleiman,

Sunday Jan 5 Update

So far we have had 5 tentative RSVPs.

  • From 22nd district: Aaron hermes, Douglas Haggard, Matt Hinton, Sri Kulkarni
  • From 10th district: Pritesh Gandhi


(This post will contain a list of FAQ which will be updated over time)

How many candidates have RSVPed for this event?

On the weekend before the event, this web page will provide a tentative list. Keep in mind that at the actual event, more candidates will show up than expected, and some who tentatively planned to attend may end up skipping it.

Will any media be attending this event?

Hard to say, though we will do some outreach. At minimum, I will do a blog post report about the event which will be posted on the day after.

Will the event be videotaped?

No — although I probably will be making an audio recording for my own private use (to refer to when writing my blog post). Someone attending will take photos.

Will the candidates themselves be there — or just representatives from the campaign?

Candidates have busy schedules these days, and so they cannot possibly attend every single event like this. Often someone from the campaign will speak on their behalf. The last time CCL-Katy held this event in 2016, about 30% of the people participating were the candidates or campaign representatives.

What are the rules for speaking? Is there a time limit?

CCL won’t know until the last minute how many candidates will actually attend. For this reason, it’s hard to set a time limit in advance. Before the event starts, all speakers will be told how much time they have to speak. My guess is it will be in the 5-10 minute range. There probably will be a timekeeper to prevent someone from talking on for too long.

Will this event be repeated? Will CCL endorse any candidate?

CCL is an issue-oriented group whose by-laws prevent it from endorsing any candidate. It’s hard to predict if or when CCL-Katy will organize another event like this. If another one happens, it’s likely that it will occur after the primaries (and runoffs) and before the general election.

What will the order of speakers be?

This will be determined on the day of the event. Most likely, candidates from the same district will speak back to back (i.e., Candidates for District X will speak first, then Candidates for District Y, then Candidates for District Z).

How many people can fit inside this room?

According to the library, capacity for this meeting room (which is the main room downstairs) is 120 people. Currently looking to see if there are tables to set up stuff.

Will the audience have the opportunity to ask questions?

No. Because of the number of candidates attending, it would be unworkable to allow audience members to ask questions during the presentation. However, there will be time before and after the event to talk one-on-one to candidates or campaign staff people.



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