Robert’s Rapid Remarks (Introduction)

This week I’m going to start a new series (long overdue): Robert’s Rapid Blogging.

I am approaching my 20th blogging anniversary and reflecting on the experience. I like blogging a lot, and there have been times where I’ve blogged often — just not anymore. As writers age, they have higher standards. It’s hard just to dash things off anymore. Also, my main thing is writing fiction. Why waste my writing energy on ephemeral blogging? But I have some amorphous energy which needs to go somewhere. Besides, the longer columns on this blog are too long, too planned, too (ZZZZZZ….)

I probably won’t blog about political/topical things (who knows? Maybe I will). But these things have a short shelf life (don’t believe me? try this, this and this ). Ok, sure, maybe it’s good to have a time capsule of your current distractions — even though Facebook is proving to be better at that. Anyway, I’m going to do 20 minutes of rapid blogging in stream-of-consciousness style once a week or so. Heck maybe I might say something interesting.

Probably not going to link to anything in these rapid remarks because websites are ephemeral. Maybe the whole Internet will be permanently gone before I press the Submit button.

Unfortunately in this age of great books, great plans, great shows and great books, it’s a letdown to mumble random bloggy things. But here goes!

PS, I have officially created a category!!







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