Social Media Dump: April 1-15

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How well do over-the-counter food allergy test kits? Not well, reports several doctors and a medical group.

Wow, funny, just realized that I am saving a lot of links on twitter instead of in my browser (or my blog!).

Immigration and Border issues are becoming big political issues again. Here’s an Atlantic piece about it:

Here’s a shocking but compelling story about the time Cicero defended a powerful man against the crime of assaulting an actress (thanks to Mark Oliver for writing this one up):

She lived with that memory to the end.

It was a cruel reminder that, no matter how much horror a man put her through, nobody would do anything to protect her.

But she’d done something. There’s no way she could have understood the significance of what she did, but she’d changed history.

Countless Roman actresses went through what she’d endured before her, and countless more suffered through it long after she died. But her story is the oldest one we’ve found of a woman like her standing up to a man like Plancius.

She didn’t get justice, but she lived to have her story told, and history remembers that she said no.

At the moment I have spent almost all day prepping my computer for a Windows Update. I’ve been trying for weeks to apply updates, but they’ve been failing. I kept delaying these updates until a convenient time. I actually spent a few hours updating a backup laptop which I used just in case my main PC fails to start.

Wish me luck! See you on the other side!

Whew! I’m back. Lessons from the whole updating experience:

  1. Windows is basically forcing your hand by not letting you choose which updates to apply. The only tool you have is pausing the Update temporarily and choosing not to do the optional updates.
  2. Some of the updates for the previous build just never worked. Then after I did the feature update to 20H2, all the other updates ran perfectly.
  3. The Update History panel has improved by breaking down Updates into several categories: Feature Updates, Quality Updates, Driver Updates, Definition Updates (for MS Defender) and Other Updates. Bravo, MS, well done.

For some reason, my computer would not sleep at all after the update. That is a big problem because it turns my bedroom into a heatbox. Aside from that, the noise is really really distracting for me. When the PC goes to sleep, my blood pressure literally goes down 10 points — even if I have music playing.

There’s a lot of outdated information on the web about how to solve sleep/power issues, but the short answer is that you run powercfg -requests in a Windows command window in Administrator mode; that will show what process is keeping you from sleeping. In my case, it was Windows Search; apparently something about the update forced a reindexing of all the files. All I had to do was to wait for this to finish (6-8 hours), and then everything worked peachy.

Another thing I accomplished: buying a webcam and a USB microphone. The webcam was a good-but-not-great Logitech; the microphone I chose was Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone (Amazon) which some youtube guys raved about.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews 4 perfectly named people.

Youtube about Andy Rooney on why Ernest Hemingway was a jerk. FUN FACT: Andy Rooney and I took a class with the same professor while at college! Orson Welles has another fun anecdote — he narrated a documentary did in the 1930s about the Spanish Civil War, and ended up having a fisticuff with Hemingway.







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