RJ’s Geeky Explorations – 2021 July

When I started this blog in 2001 (over 20 years ago!), I used to link to a lot of geek articles — about 50% of my postings. Then I wandered into artsy fartsy stuff — although I still am learning about technology every day. At the moment, I’m immersed (embroiled?) in a lot of geeky things, so I guess I should do a monthly linkdump for that as well. Eventually I’ll stop doing that when I stop finding cool things.

As an aside, even though I’m committed to more blogging than previously, it is psychologically comforting to create these monthly “baskets of links” which I can dump stuff into. No more pressure to publish often; I just throw stuff into baskets (and occasionally comment on them).

10 modern 1 line layouts by Google Developer Una Kravets. (website, twitter). I watched this instructional video last year — and it utterly blew my mind! I always knew I was falling behind on web design — a fact made clear to me a few years ago when I tried to view this blog on a mobile device. I just didn’t realize how much and how much more efficient CSS has become.

Una Kravets has a blogpost showing the new way of thinking about web design and a YouTube series on Designing in the Browser. Way above my pay grade except for my special projects, and I certainly want to try a few things out in modern browsers. Just being able to test better or have a better understanding of how to evaluate themes or skins would be a win for me.

One frustrating thing about ebooks is how behind reading systems are when compared to browser CSS. There is a bad guy here -definitely Amazon, which never has felt the need to improve CSS support for epub3. This is actually 2 separate problems: the fact that epub3 hasn’t been updated and that Amazon’s support of epub3 is so shitty. Offtopic, but it really is mind-blowing at how much Amazon dominates the ebook space (Like about 98% of my ebook sales are on Amazon — even though I promote the other distributors).

I’m revamping my publishing website — trying to decide between a wordpress install vs. a drupal install. My default choice has been wordpress, but wordpress has grown a lot more fractured and proprietary, plus it doesn’t really do what I need without plugins. Drupal can do that out of the box, but it requires more maintenance and more complexity.

While researching FSF’s push for a free ebook reader, I see a web-based ebook reader as a javascript epub.js . This script has been around for more than 5 years and minimal documentation, but several implementation questions on StackOverflow

How to avoid ransomware. Here’s a general background of ransomware.






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