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I’ve always been a fan of Robert Cialdini — a marketing professor whose book, Influence changed my life. I read it in Albania when I was a Peace Corps volunteer. In 2016 he did a sequel called Pre-Suasion — which was more academic. I’ve heard some of his talks which are on Youtube. Here’s a dynamite talk he gave about these ideas . Later, In 2015 he and linguist Steve Pinker gave a 2 part talk which is great and fun. Steve Pinker talks mainly about writing style (familiar stuff, but entertainingly told) and Robert Cialdini talks about how to use reciprocity in business situations. Cialdini actually is off his game for the first 10-15 minutes of the talk (he was not expressing himself well, but eventually he hit his stride — especially during the Q&A.

Here are the 2021 SXSW keynotes.

This tweet/thread from a veteran NYT financial reporter explains the significance of the charge that “falsified business records.” EICHENWALD CONCLUDES: “given that those of us who covered his business for decades – back when he (Trump) was a democrat/reform party/whoever would have him – and always knew he was a crook, all I can say is, what the hell took so long? “

Beloved Houston comic store Third Planet sues neighboring hotel Crowne Plaza for allowing its guests to throw debris and yes — fire extinguishers off its balconies. The amazing part is that the lawsuit includes a comic book retelling of events. You can view/download the entire comic book here.

CARDIO EXERCISE TREAT: For about 5 years I would do various exercise DVD in my apartment. This vid by Denise Austin was always favorite. The cardio kickboxing and integrated strength training is pretty amazing between minutes 15-30. enjoy. This exercise uses an exercise stepper, which I used to use regularly. It’s a good tool, allowing you a greater variety of exercises. By the way, I really need to lose those Covid pounds, so I’m developing a new exercise routine. In 2006 I wrote a review page of exercise DVD’s — it still is relevant — indeed, many of the DVD’s can be bought for next-to-nothing or are on Youtube. I’ll mention my favorites (written 10 years ago!)

  • Billy Blank’s Tae Bo Cardio Circuit 1 Tae Bo is boxing/kickboxing with an emphasis on cardio. It was started by Billy Blanks. This workout is really fast, not too complex and only 36 minutes. Highly Recommended
  • Crunch Boot Camp Training with Sue Hitzman. Rigorous fast-paced workout with lots of weird moves. Some emphasis on upper body strength. I didn’t like the camerawork; spare me the quick cuts, I just want to follow the moves! Personality-wise, Hitzman is a little too tough for me, but she’s an effective trainer. I don’t love this workout (too many pushups!) but I used my entire body for this one. 
  • Ultimate Fat Burner (Denise Austin). Austin is bubbly and chipper and always talking (“You can do it!”) The exercises aren’t that much fun, but they are well-organized and make for a great workout. Highly recommended, especially the circuit training. Also, is by far the best produced. I get exhausted very quickly from this, and my only complaint is that there is a bit too much emphasis on upper body stretch (biceps, etc). The exercise using the step bench is among my alltime favorites! Finally, the camera prominently show you the foot movements. Note: you need free weights and a step bench. Highly Recommended. (I own). Update (one year later). This still is my favorite video, but if you want to get a lot of mileage out of it, I would buy a sturdy step bench.

Here’s a random Youtube playlist from these exercise DVDs.

As someone trying to improve his exercise regimen while overweight and 55, I see several challenges: 1)boredom. Some of these routines are very monotonous. 2)limited floor space. At the moment I have very little floor space. I am essentially exercising in place and 3)I am more interested in cardio health rather than strength, though Denise Austin’s video does manage to do most.

HILARIOUS COURT ARGUMENTS. In December 2016 Supreme Court Justices (current and future) debate the wrongful death of Romeo & Juliet. Starts at 5:43. Elizabeth Prelogar (the primary advocate) is currently Biden’s acting solicitor general (whose primary duty is arguing before the Supreme Court). Also, sitting among the panel of judges is Kavanaugh (before he was nominated for the Supreme Court) and Ketanji Brown Jackson (a heavy favorite to be Biden’s pick for the next Supreme Court opening). Also present are Samuel Alito and other federal judges. Prelogar is very clever and witty and likeable — a really important quality for Solicitor General. If that gig doesn’t work out, she should try standup comedy.






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