Music Discoveries Nov 2021 #11

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Sorry, got started late on this.

Articles and Interviews

Rob Tannenbaum on how Afternoon Delight became a hit song. I already knew most of the song’s background, but was amazed to learn that Suzanne Ciani provided the backing for the song.

I’m such a Mazzy Star fan. Heard this interview:

INTERVIEWER: How do you make your albums? Do you start with a lot of songs and then hone them into a coherent album?

ROBACK: Well, maybe we’d like to make albums that are incoherent almost as much as we would like to make albums which are coherent.

INTERVIEWER: I love that. What’s your most incoherent album?


Emusic Purchases

  1. Papari by Porrosivo.

Bandcamp Purchases

Discovered the hard way that items exit your shopping list if you leave them there for a few days.

  1. Passage by Baychimo
  2. Red Roses are Red now by Thme
  3. Calavera-Exposion by Calavera
  4. Two albums by Ian Ramil: Derivacivilização and IAN
  5. Semente de Maçã ep by Semente de Maçã
  6. Fool and the World by Edward Givens
  7. Everything drops except stamps(excerpts) by hikaru yamada and the librarians
  8. music at a distance 85 by snwv
  9. Dream Clinique by Rasterphonics
  10. Latencia by pau
  11. Buck Up by Carsie Blanton
  12. Massive purchase of Mississippi Records albums during their NYP day. (Don’t worry, it could come again).
  13. Various recordings by Doleful Lions (all NYP), an underappreciated Illinois pop band who have been releasing albums since 1997. I started with Out Like a Lamb, Hidden Thunderdomes, Shared Lodge and Mausoleum, Motel Swim and New Slushies.
  14. El egotismo de Nildo el suspirante by El Egotismo de Nildo.
  15. Late in the Day by Sontiche. Great slow Irish songs by a duet, one of whom passed away suddenly. (Here’s a profile of Marty McClatchey).
  16. Palabras Malas by Many Arms
  17. Squeeze Me Ahead of Line by Season Standard.

Youtubey Things

I’m becoming a huge fan of the rap singer Chali 2na (the last name is pronounced “Tuna”). He sings the third part in the great bilingual song, America by Canadian Somalian rapper K’naan. Here’s his youtube channel. He was a founding member of a 1990s group Jurassic 5, sang for Ozomatli‘s first album

I’m a big fan of Bill and Taffy Danoff (the singer-songwriters who formed the core of Starland Vocal Band and sang backup for John Denver, including a song they wrote, Country Roads Take Me Home). Here’s Taffy singing a great song with kazoo:

(There’s a higher quality audio-only version here).

I occasionally get lost on Russia Beyond, a russian culture site (which apparently is run by the authoritarian Russian government, so beware of hidden agendas! Here’s a nice listicle of 10 legendary Russian girl bands.

Freegal and Library CDs

  1. Live from the Ryman and More by Sheryl Crow (also on Youtube).
  2. Billy Preston
  3. Bloc Party
  4. Death-Grips
  5. Marila Mendoca
  6. Microphones
  7. Nicki Nicole
  8. Robyn
  9. Slowdive
  10. Soda Stereo (and Gustavo Cerati)
  11. Todd Rundgren
  12. Jurassic 5. Influential rap band with Charlie 2una (see above).
  13. Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers
  14. BTS Compilation

Podcasty Things







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