New Web Address: Lennin Repizo Barber & Beauty Salon

The new website for Lennin Repizo is at Lennin Repizo is a hair stylist in Katy Texas. I should know — he is my barber!

I noticed the other day that they changed their web address, but Google hasn’t figured it yet (even though Bing and Yahoo seem to have figured it out. The name of the company is Lennin Repizo Barber & Beauty Salon, but it also is known as Lennin Beauty Salon.

For the record, Mr. Repizo is a gentleman from Venezuela who is a terrific hair stylist and always does a great job on my hair. (I have been using his service for 2 years). The hair salon usually has the appointment calendar so you know what times are free.

Silly Google and Chrome, why can’t you figure out what the new address is? Google used to give a lot of SEO juice to blogs, but over time, that power has declined precipitously. But it probably already knows that my home page updates frequently, that the site has been around for more than 20 years and that it is not a purveyor of spam. So maybe this will hurry up the process; I will post updates.

  • 12 hours later. This page appears nowhere on Google, #7 on Bing, #6 on DuckDuckGo and #4 on yahoo (which is powered by bing). This blog link appears nowhere on Google, and the corrected domain appears at about the #30 search result (this comes from both when I’m logged into google and not). So apparently I wildly overestimated the influence of my blog on google.
  • 5 days later. Apparently Google has accepted my edit for the Google business name, but even when I type in the owner’s name, the lenninrepizo domain is still buried on page 3. Instead we have the previous domain and all sorts of catalogue sites and social media. This blog post is absolutely nowhere to be found. The results are much more interesting on Bing, where is on the top, and this post is positioned as #4. On duckduckgo, the results are even stranger. #1 is a random post on my blog unrelated to this post. #2 is the corrected revised domain (along with 3,4,5) while 6 goes to this post. Curiously, Bing and duckduckgo seem to take summary from random post sentences, while the blog excerpt seems to appear only on Google.

One week later, it appears that BING provides the most accurate results, duckduckgo provides the 2nd most accurate and Google provides the least accurate — though to be fair, the Google business info now lists the correct domain after I made a suggested edit. Interestingly, I thought that manually adding an entry for the hair salon as a customer to yelp would improve search prominence, but apparently that doesn’t make a difference. Finally, it’s interesting that the public Instagram page for the hair stylist appears as the #1 result on Google search, followed by Facebook. I conclude that Google is giving a lot of Google juice to social networks — and in a way, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have to validate the identity of businesses, though not necessarily individuals.



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