Robert’s Roundup # 27( Jan 2022)

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Abbreviations: KU means Kindle Unlimited, LE means that lending of this Kindle title is allowed, and APUB means it was published under an Amazon imprint.NYP means “Name Your Price” (that’s an option on Smashwords and other booksellers).

I learned a few fun fact about Kindles.

Indie Author Spotlight


Under the Radar

Several books by Marco Vassi, an cerebral erotica writer who I’m writing an essay about.

Cognitive Biases In A Nutshell: How To Spot And Stop The Hiccups In Our Thinking Process by Thinknetic

The Importance of Now by Paul Schumacher

Unlearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career by Scott Young (author website). 2.99 An autodidact shares some techniques for tackling complex learning projects. Recommended.

Poilu: The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914 – 1918 by Louis Barthas. (wiki article). Journal of a French infantry soldier.

Best Practices for a Healthy Heart: How to Stop Heart Disease Before or After It Starts by Sarah Samaan. 1.99 Highly recommended. I bought this ebook during a sleepless night when I wanted to learn more about heart disease. Even though the book is a decade old (medical research and standards have changed), but the author is a cardiologist and the information is presented succinctly and effectively. This is exactly what I needed.

Related to the above title is a more recent Prevention Myths: Why Stress Tests Can’t Predict Your Heart Attack and which tests actually do by Ford Brewer and Todd Eldredge. 2.99 This book is more advanced and more up to date. It has an agenda of sorts: to promote the use of Carotid Intima-Media Thickness testing (CIMT) as a way to diagnose heart disease. This is not necessarily a criticism, but it sheds light on the author’s perspective. There are some vids with the authors here, here and here.

Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland by Patrick Radden Keefe

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. (author website).

Library Purchases/Printed books

The Future of Life by E.O. Wilson

Dual Citizens: A novel by Alix Ohlin

Philosophy at 33 1/3 Rpm: Themes of Classic Rock Music by James Harris

New York Times Essential Library: Opera: A Critic’s Guide to the 100 Most Important Works and the Best Recordings, Anthony Tommasini

What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution, by John Heidenry

Portrait of a Novel: Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece by Michael Gorra

The Twin (Rainmaker Translations) by Gerbrand Bakker

Elegies for the Brokenhearted: A Novel by Christian Hodgen

Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth

Double Agent: The Critic and Society by Morris Dickstein

Creative Commons/Freebies


Literary Articles and Essays




Capsule Book Reviews


Book Roar Review


Multimedia/Podcasts, Etc


Personville Press Deals

I run Personville Press, a small literary book press where all the ebooks cost less than $4. Prices normally appear highest on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and BN, somewhat lower on Google Play Books and lower on the two DRM-free stores which are Smashwords and Payhip. Personville Press is committed to selling DRM-free ebooks and audio files directly from the Personville Press payhip store or from Smashwords






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