Social Media Dump March 1-15 2022

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Note: I’m still updating my Ukraine/Russia page I started to collect all the links and passing observations.

From an Ask Reddit about bad TV plots. (All these are pasted from the discussion, no original thoughts by me). (See my remarks about sitcoms here)

Gray’s Anatomy:


Shooting at the hospital.

Cheat because of trauma from shooting at the hospital.

Another shooting at the hospital.




You forgot the 3 patients on each episode: 1)The one with the weird/funny illness or injury, 2)The one who probably won’t live but somehow is saved miraculously and 3)The one who surprisingly dies and everyone is all sad about.

Hey sometimes there is a bomb threat instead of a shooting. Or a patient dies and that makes them cheat too. You’re about forgetting the natural disasters like an earthquake, ferry crash, or plane crash that can also make someone cheat. That was a particularly memorable one for me. Right about when I stopped watching.

Sex and the City:

“And so I asked myself, is it really that wrong that Big and I have been together for 41.5 years and I can’t keep so much as a hair tie at his house, he’ll never let me meet his mother, he can’t be bothered to be nice to me, and only wants me around for sex? Maybe this is the new progressive normal and we, as women, should start feeling empowered by it for some reason. Being treated like shit is the new black, after all!”

Meanwhile Samantha was downtown…

“Dick dick dick dick diiiiiickkkkkk!!!”

Back to you, Carrie.

in underwear, smokes cigarette while staring out of window at rain *

Maybe charlotte?

“I want a baaaaaby. Let’s just skip to the end already.”


“I’m a bitch.”

Everyone is walking down the sidewalk for some reason?

cue jazzy outro jingle *

Melissa Sue Anderson said about Little House on The Prairie and other shows that once a show starts adding children to the show she knows it’s about done. There was a David Hasslehoff interview where he talked about on Baywatch if they were struggling for ratings they either added some new sexy person, or killed off one of the current cast. It’s always an instant rating booster.

AMERICANS ARE IGNORANT — SURVEY: When US registered voters were recently asked what adjective best describes Russia, 42% said “Communist,” 13% said “Socialist,” 11% said Capitalist, 34% said “Something else/Not sure”. (Wikipedia calls it a “mixed economy”; I personally think labels like “oligarchy, “”crony capitalism” or even “kleptocracy” are more accurate. ). (Source).

Bill McKibben about how reducing natural gas consumption to fight Putin:

FIGHTING PUTIN BY REDUCING NATURAL GAS: “Since the basic support for the Putin regime is oil and gas revenue, anything we can do to use less oil and gas also helps. Not immediately, but this war may grind on for a long time, and eventually our ability to get off hydrocarbons could play a crucial role. The GOP, Joe Manchin, and their patrons in the fossil fuel industry think the answer is producing more American oil and gas. But that’s just dumb, in part because breathing its combustion byproducts already kills 9 million people a year (far far far more than all war and terrorism combined), partly because it destroys the planet (as the IPCC reminded us on Monday) and partly because oil and gas are a global market. In the end, anything that maintains our dependency on them is a gift to Putin.Far smarter would be figuring out how to cut consumption here—keeping demand down would keep the global price down, denying Putin (not to mention Exxon, the Kochs, and the king of Saudi Arabia) windfall profits. And the quicker we build out alternatives, the quicker their power dwindles.

Some of the ways to reduce consumption are time-honored and obvious: if Ukrainians can shiver in bomb shelters, we can put on a sweater or two and turn the thermostat down a few degrees. Or—if you’re in parts of the South or Midwest reporting unprecedented late-winter heat—you could turn up the thermostat a few degrees and let the AC rest. It’s nice that we’re lighting things up in blue and yellow—but we could turn off a lot of other lights. (Environmentalist Bill McKibben)






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