Auditory Ruminations #1 Mazzy Star

I’m starting a series of ruminations on music I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’ll relisten to the albums and spend the month reflecting on what I think or feel about it. I’m not aiming for in-depth criticism or to uncover obscure bands. Instead I’ll pick a random artist and just make twittery remarks about it — not trying to be coherent really. (Read more Auditory Ruminations)

Background Info


Articles: 2021 Interview with Hope Sandoval after David Roback’s Death.

Multimedia: Rock and Roll True Stories )

Rare footage: Youtube Channel of MS Rarities: 2018 Sydney show audio , MS Forum and Bootlegs (!!!)

Related Acts: Opal, Hope Sandoval

General Remarks

It really strikes me how all the songs seem to have the same vibe even though all are unique and fascinating. In contrast, I know several singers who have a Mazzy Star vibe, but for only one or two songs and then they do something more rock or dance-like.

Among My Swans (the album I overlooked until today)

I’ve loving it as a time capsule of the original sound. All the elements are there, yet different and shiny as hell.

Seasons of Your Day

Through the Devil Softly

She Hangs Brightly

So Tonight I might See

Reminds me of: Haelos, Eliott Smith, Breanna Barbara, Tessie Spoljaric-Woodgate (Lead singer of Intimate Stranger and solo album is called Light). Mireia Vilar






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