Category: Wow Technology

  • Waiting for the Higgs Boson

    Elizabeth Kolbert on the Large Hadron Collider : To theorists, the tantalizing promise of the L.H.C. is that it will, finally, supply the evidence of “new physics” that they’ve been waiting for. Certain patterns of missing energy, for example, would suggest the existence of extra dimensions, as would the creation of mini black holes. Different…

  • Crazy Dubai!

    Here are some photos and artist rendering of what Dubai looks like now and will look like in the next decade. This is pretty astounding. For starters, here’s a photo of its underwater hotel (to be finished in 2009).

  • New Laptop Platform

    Wikipedia article about Centrino technology and the Next Generation of Intel chips. Anand Lal Shimpi on the new Intel Core Duo Laptop processor family. I was planning to buy a midpriced laptop at the end of January. I wonder if this processor family will be in my price range and time frame. Buying a laptop…

  • Open Source Geneology Program

    phpGedView Geneology Program looks cool. Try the demo

  • User Friendly Heatsinks

    Longish article by Anand Lal Shimpi about AMD processors and how they solved the problem of installing the heatsink safely.

  • Talking with Dogs

    Bowlingual, a way of talking with dogs. A fascinating idea, though really quite unnecessary. CNN Piece on Bowlingual. Here’s a detailed linguistic analysis (PDF).

  • Dell Sells Music

    Dell starts a music service. I’ve worked at Dell, so I have opinions. First, it’s a bold idea and the time is right before any music service gets established. For a long time Dell has been beholden on Microsoft products for its profits, so it’s good that Dell is looking for additional revenue channels. They’ve…

  • Article on Kuro5hin

    Here’s my Interview with Creator of iRATE Radio Anthony Jones. BTW, it’s my first article to be published on Kuro5hin. I saw Rusty at SXSW 2002 and never really got what kuro5hin was about. But the site has an elaborate workflow mechanism by which readers can proofread and even vote on articles. It is ingenious…

  • DSP Weblog

    Embedded Star has a clunky interface, but it’s the only weblog out there that keeps track of DSP technology. (I work with Digital Signal Processors at Texas Instruments).

  • Business Cards Using Flash

    PrintsMadeEasy, an online way to create your own business cards. You edit the design using a flash browser.

  • Diamond for Semiconductors

    Joshua Davis (not to be confused with the Joshua Davis) wrote a fascinating article about low-cost diamond manufacturing. He writes, “Diamond, it turns out, is a geek’s best friend. Not only is it the hardest substance known, it also has the highest thermal conductivity – tremendous heat can pass through it without causing damage. Today’s…

  • VHS to DVD Machines

    Walter Mossberg’s Columns on technology are great. In his latest, he talks about the DVD Movie Writer dc3000 which is a DVD creator, reader and VHS converter. All for $400.

  • Spam Challenger

    I’ve been waiting for such a service to come along, but knowspam challenges all mail in which the address is unknown to the recipient. The user will receive an automatic reply asking to authenticate by going to a website. It’s simple and obvious (and free for 6 months until July 15). Pop servers only. Don’t…

  • VHS-to-Mpeg Converter

    Finally, an easy way to convert VHS files to your computer. It requires 2.0 USB interface. While looking for Cassette-to-mp3 conversion methods, I found an online service, cassettes2cds that can do it for under $10.