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  • Jade: Outlaw By Robert Flynn (Book Review)

    Jade: Outlaw by Robert Flynn (2010), JoSara MeDia, 190 pages. Author’s Website and Blog (with RSS feed) Ebook: Amazon/BN (now at  99 cents!) Print Editions: Used copies are available, but with ebooks so cheap, why bother? Summary: A  Western tale about a 19th century Texas town  that is harsh, spiritual and profound. Recommended if you…

  • Sava’s Feet – Echelon System Warning

    I served in Peace Corps Albania between 1995-7.  Here is an essay I wrote in December 1997  about returning home to Houston after being evacuated from Albania. I also wrote an essay, The English Expert about a quirky professor of English, Abydyli Vasjari in Vlore.

  • Booby Naked Story #4: Me vs. the Waterfall (New Braunfels Chute Adventure)

    (I told this story at a local storytelling event a few years ago. This comes from my Booby Naked collection of personal stories). By the way, if you wish to visit this fun place, go to the page about tubing on the Comal .  See also more of my Central Texas aquatic photos . When…

  • Who is Jessica Jay? Answers are here (Maybe)

    A TX blogger uncovers the identity of the 90s Europop singer Jessica Jay.

  • My Strange Campaign (Tips for Losing Weight)

    Started June 13. Goal is Jan 1, 2009=200.  That’s about a pound to lose every 7 days. I expect to get to 210 without major effort, but under that will be tough going. Google, curse you for archiving this for eternity! For those random surfers, this refers to the weight naked on my bathroom scale…