Links for My Canon Powershot A-70 Camera

Great collection on online books/tutorials about digital photography. Collection of articles on digital photography.

Don’t Read this; I’m just saving links for my Canon Powershot A-70 Camera. A longish review of its features, test photos of Canon A70, aFAQ, an A-series discussion board with tips on focusing, how to avoid shuttle lag. Other topics: lens add ons (more: 1, 2 ), depth of field, online tutorials, depth of field, general A70 problems, telephoto lens, focusing, continuous video, cleaning, overcast day, nightshots, outdoors, movement, using flash, indoor flash, why a70’s are so popular, long shutter speed, slow shutter speed, p mode, fine v. superfine (more), which setting (more), exposure lock, macrolens, focus problems, novice questions, lens adaptors, macro tips (more), pixel size, newbie accessories, red eye, auto or p, focus problems.

Also, has a Canon forum and a generic forum on archiving.

General photo information pages not specific to my camera: You can take this short course in digital photography. Also, a nifty guide about photographing insects closeup and printer/monor color calibration.

If anybody is interested, I like the Canon A-70 powershot, although it’s a bit bulkier than I thought (which apparently is an asset–Consumer Reports said it helped you to hold the camera steady). I never bothered to learn how to do manual settings. Apparently, the autofocus function really sucks. At $170 on pricegrabber, it’s a really good deal, but you probably should spend more time trying to learn about its features. (I haven’t).

From the camera forum. A nice explanation of the different kinds of resolution:

There are 3 types of Resolution:

Image Resolution: An image is made up of pixels. The smaller the pixels the more there are in an image and hence a higher resolution than an image with bigger pixels and also a resultant bigger file size. So the image resolution is the number of pixels per unit of length of an image, which is invariably measured in PIXELS PER INCH (ppi).

Monitor Resolution:This is the number of pixels per unit of length on a monitor and is measured using DOTS PER INCH (dpi). PC monitor resolutions are 96 dpi [ approx ].

Printer resolution is measured by the number of ink dots per inch which a printer like a laser produces. When you have a laser printer that prints at a resolution of say, 300 to 600 dpi, you will get good results from images that are around 96 to 150 ppi.







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