A Geek Writes About Having Sex for the First Time

A thoughtful essay about a male virgin about having sex for the first time with a prostitute (sexual references, but generally worksafe site):

Perhaps they’ve built up your expectations so high that you’re expecting a wonderful experience, and the first time you go to a restaurant they are out of Tiramisu, so your tension is even higher. But you finally get to a restaurant and they have it and you try it and love it. It’s everything you thought it could be, it makes you (well, your taste buds) feel great, and you enjoy the whole thing and plan to eat more later at every opportunity. But even though it was thoroughly enjoyable it’s no big deal. You ate it, your friends ate it, it’s been around for hundreds or thousands of years, so it’s not like you walked on the moon or discovered cold fusion, you know? No reason to throw a party just because you ate a tasty new dessert. So yes, sex is a big deal when you haven’t had it because of the anxiety, the unfamiliarity and the feeling you’re not in the club. And it feels wonderful and is wonderful and I want to do it more and more, but I don’t feel the need to break open a bottle of champagne or set off fireworks or anything, which are some of the things I kind of imagined–when I was a virgin (a whole 26 hours ago)–I’d want to do after finally having sex.




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