Ukrainian Political Weblog & Vasyl Stus

Here’s a weblog covering the Ukrainian political situation., Neeka’s Backlog run by VERONICA KHOKHLOVA. I expect Veronica to provide some good eyewitness accounts over the next few days if not weeks).

She mentions a dissident poet Vasyl Stus hailing from Donetsk in east Ukraine. Here’s an essay by Wolodymyr T. Zyla on Stus’ poetry and lifestory and a memoir about Vasyl Stus by Myrna Kostash. (As a side note, it’s suprising that a site devoted to the life and writings of a dissident writer should not actually include any writing samples. Such are the lunacies of copyright madness).

Also, a nice link to a memoir by Masha Gessen, ‘My Grandmother, The Censor’.

(Khokhlova’s stories bring backs memories: students waiting to receive their stipends, living in fear of the kontrolyor on the metro, newly minted graduates , strolling about the chestnut trees in Kiev. Here’s a funny photo she took of of everyday life in Kiev, students playing around in a fountain at the end of the school year. Let’s hope that the political situation returns to normal. newly minted Kiev grads playing around on the last day of school

Another interesting photo she took, not of Ukraine but St. Petersberg

old woman by sex shop photo Veronica Khokhlova







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