Naughty Stories by Number Six

Here is a collection of short erotic stories by Number Six. Not work safe (duh!) but elegant and sly. All literary gems. He updates bimonthly, and one of the most intriguing things is his previews. Apparently Number Six writes the first paragraph and then finishes the story (I’m guessing). Here’s how he describes the project:

The stories are about citizens of a sex-obsessed yet sexually ambivalent global village reacting to the attractions, relationships, social taboos, power struggles, lusts and fears that complicate their otherwise mundane lives and interrupt their endless and largely unsuccessful search for self-identity. The stories are mostly very short, and are written in a variety of literary and linguistic styles: realistic, fantastic, humorous, and moralistic; different tenses: past, present, and deliberately vague; and different viewpoints, first and third person, male, female, and ambiguous.

Just to show you what a naughty plagiarist I am, click more to read one of his three paragraph stories in its entirety.:

Threepeat by Number Six (reprinted from here)

My wife is riding me on our bed, wearing only her nightshirt over her bouncing breasts. My hands are on her hips, hurling her up and down, as I remember stroking myself two years ago as I watched the girl next door, her windows open, her lights on, her stereo blaring at three in the morning, riding her best friend’s fiance in the middle of her bed, wearing only a gauzy, flimsy piece of black nothing wrapped around her bouncing breasts.

I remember remembering her one year ago, at lunch on a Tuesday when I was laid off and my wife was at work and my girlfriend came over to eat sushi and rode me on this same bed in the same position wearing only her oversize turtleneck sweater over her bouncing breasts as I watched her face and I watched her breasts and I remembered the girl next door, remembered the moment when she yanked the material from her bouncing breasts, remembered them springing free as she leaned forward into her best friend’s fiance, remembered coming at that moment from the power of the image and the stroking of my hand, remembered that moment and came hard inside my girlfriend.

I remember that moment, and that moment, and I come hard and I come hard and I come hard inside my wife and I lie panting, and I lie panting, and I lie panting on my bed.







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