Outrage Fatigue

The Onion: Liberals suffer from Outrage Fatigue:

“I can’t even look at the back of my Volvo anymore,” said one Syracuse, NY liberal who wished to remain anonymous. “My ‘Lick Bush’ and ‘Four More Wars’ bumper stickers just remind me of the angry feelings I can’t sustain. I still have a MoveOn.org sign hanging up in my cubicle at work, but if someone starts to talk about Cheney, I can’t take it. I’m like, ‘Yes, we all hate Cheney. He’s an evil puppet-master. Yes, Bush is dumb. This is obvious. How many times can we say it? Now, excuse me, will you let me through so I can microwave my burrito?’”

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Nick Kristof has done some amazing multimedia stories about girls in Cambodian bordellos. He’s a terrific writer about Asia; I have both his books and plan to read them soon.

Free classical piano music. An easy way to download the music is to use the downloadTHEMall firefox extension

Maud Newton et al are running a literary contest to publicize books. Sort of frivolous, but that’s ok.

I’ve been really enjoying Jim Kelley’s sci fi stories, which are free mp3 downloads. His stories are light-hearted, imaginative and very humane. He’s taking paypal donations on his website.

Eldritch Press has a lot of public domain titles, including a Lu Hsun collection of stories. That collection is interesting because the Chinese publisher is putting it in public domain.






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