Nonparent’s Thoughts on Babies and how to raise them

  1. Enroll your kid in a Chinese language class ASAP. By the time she’s in college, Mandarin will be the language of business.
  2. Don’t buy your kid a camcorder or cellphone before her 10th birthday.
  3. Don’t videotape your childbirth. Aren’t some things sacred?
  4. Kids love blocks. And zoos. And Happy Meals.
  5. Don’t bother creating a college saving fund (although saving for its own sake isn’t a bad idea). The university system is going down the tubes, and in 20 years, just-in-time learning and low cost distance education will take its place.
  6. Transfer digital media to newer media formats every 5 years. Video memories matter!
  7. Swim lessons for toddlers are well worth the cost!
  8. the stigma of using psychotropic drugs is rapidly disappearing. Get used to it. She will be one drugged babe (and so will other members of her generation).
  9. Babies are brilliant.