Cheap Steadicams

Another videographer’s forum along with their own online film festival. Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if these were available as videofeeds via fireant?

For this month, I’m going to watch DVDs like crazy. I’m going to try to keep a notebook of various film effects/edits that made an impression like me. When you think like a moviemaker, it’s amazing how differently you watch videos, trying to notice shadows and pacing and simple effects which seem invisible and yet have a specific effect on the viewer. I’ve been reading the excellent On Film Editing by Edward Dmytryk , a simple but informative book about editing basics. It’s amazing how relevant it still is.

Poor Man’s Steadycam with this accompanying slashdot discussion and a wikipedia discussion. I’m probably going to have one of these made. has an article about budget videoproduction. Lots of good things here. Links to a free video production book

“The magicians who bottle the genie are the actors. The magician who lets the genie out of the bottle is the editor.” Rob Nillson