Too many commercials!

Dave Taylor answers: what questions can be legally asked at a job interview?

Zopecast about Zope3 developments

A new weblog about zope/plone from Malaysia.

Movie moguls are unhappy about commercials:

As head of production at New Line Cinema, Toby Emmerich is not your typical moviegoer. So when he wanted to see “War of the Worlds” the other night, his choice was between seeing the film in a theater with a tub of popcorn or watching it in a screening room at Jim Carrey’s house, with a private chef handling the culinary options. Despite this seemingly loaded deck, Emmerich opted for a real theater.

“I love seeing a movie with a big crowd,” he says. “But I had no idea how many obnoxious ads I’d have to endure it really drove me crazy. After sitting through about 15 minutes of ads, I turned to my wife and said, ‘Maybe we should’ve gone to Jim Carrey’s house after all.’ ”

When DreamWorks marketing chief Terry Press took her young twins to see “Robots” this year, she said, “My own children turned to me and said, ‘Mommy, there are too many commercials!’ Now, when the lights go halfway down, I’m filled with dread. The whole uniqueness of the moviegoing experience is being eroded by all the endless ads.” (emphasis added)

I’ve been listening to the glorious Teaching Company lecture series by John Fisher (Great Writers: Their Lives and Works). Fisher is less a critic than an appreciator; he did a fascinating talk about Maurice Maeterlinck, quoting at length from Life of the Bees. This treatise on beekeeping (which took decades to write) was profoundly fascinating. I’ll definitely try to read it.