Commenting is a Full Time Job

After looking at Jason Kottke’s funny post about the Craig’s List offer to post 5 comments for $10 on your weblog, I’ve noticed that some A-list bloggers spend a lot of time responding to people.

Tim O’Reilly writes a lot of responses. Doesn’t he like have a business to run? And the litbloggers–Scott, Dan, Michael B, doesn’t the repetitive act of having to defend yourself just drive you batty? I sometimes have to turn the phone off when working on an intellectually strenuous project. I wonder if turning comments off can be constructive in the long run.

I have nothing against responding to feedback, but sometimes it can suck up all your time.

Regular readers know that my comments here are not disabled on purpose (I haven’t had time to upgrade), but for once I am enjoying the freedom of not having to see other people’s opinions.