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From this is broken:

Why is it that when making what I perceive to be a long distance call and input the 1 plus the area code, I get a recording back saying that I don’t need to input those numbers. “The 1 and the area code are not needed for this call.” If the computer is smart enough to know to send me that message, why then does it not just DROP those numbers instead of making me redial without them?

Conversely, if I make a call that might be local but is really long distance, I will get a message stating that I need to input the 1 and/or the area code. With the requirement that area codes always be used in many places, why doesn’t the computer just plug in the area code you are calling from and finish the call? … and automatically insert the 1 if needed. Don’t make me redial a number when you already know what is or is not needed… just connect the call!

On automated phone systems for banks:

On recordings for credit card companies automatic services, they say: “Please enter your 16-digit account number followed by the pound key.”

They are a bank! What, they can’t count? What’s with the pound key? I press 16 digits, I’m done and if they are counting, they know I’m done, so move on. That’s broken.

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