More Animosity about Animus

Apparently, according to Lydon B. LaRouche supporter Wesley Irwin, Rich Shapero’s book Wild Animus attracts multipartisan wrath:

Four months ago, while organizing politically on the streets of Seattle, I noticed people distributing, free of charge, without any “catch,” a massive number of novels with the title “Wild Animus.” “Just take the book home with you and read it,” they said. Over the course of the next few weeks, I began seeing the same operation at youth festivals, and even at a John Kerry campaign rally in Tacoma. Last week, a fellow organizer in the LaRouche Youth Movement Oakland local called and told me that the same thing was happening in San Francisco. In fact, at the event in the Bay Area, there were older people dressed up as “nerds” waving signs and shouting negative things about the book, who admitted, while on break, that they were paid actors demonstrating, in order to draw attention to the books, and that the goal was to distribute “1 million.” The back cover of each book says 50,000 copies will be distributed to the public for free.

I had written previously about Rich Shapero before. I am going to have to read at least a chapter of this infamous book.