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Here’s my bookmarks for Houston Apartments:
Craig’s List apartment directory

Apartment Ratings:

What I’m looking for an apartment:

  1. MUST HAVE: gigantic swimming pool, fitness center Many Outlets in Computer room, Place to Store Bike, 620-700 sq feet, Adequate Laundry Facilities, Book Storage Space,
  2. Nice to Have: Built-in Bookshelves/ Book Storage Space, Good TV room, Washer/Dryer?, Open Sunday, Close to Dumpster, Tennis Court, Carpet Cleaning, Party/Partyspace? Exterminator On Demand,
  3. MUST NOT HAVE: Towing Company Scams, Street Noise, High Electric Rates, Low Crime, Facing Pool
  4. Check Leasing Agreement: Reletting Fees, Late Fees, Pet Fees, Guests, Deposits (what are mandatory fees?), Sample unit electric bills, crime report,
  5. LOCATION PREFERENCES: Supermarket, Pedestrian Friendly, Library, Access to the Beltways, Busstop? Postoffice?, Computer Store, Family,

I want my rent rebate! Retro-looking apartment locator site by a school buddy.

Ashford Court Apts. No pre-lease. Gigantic swimming pool. No openings until Dec 10? Amy Le.

Google apartment map Query

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