Remember the Frogs!

Amidst the tensions of the North Korean nuclear detonation, Georgia blocking Russia’s ascension into the WTO and all sorts of other international crisis, don’t forget the real crisis of the week: climate change is disrupting the habitats of frogs and other species.

Before you go crazy about the North Korea issue, remember that the Bush administration has blocked North Korea’s ability to use any foreign banks. I am neutral about whether the US action was the correct one; however, it sounds as if it’s a deliberate attempt by the US to ratchet up the tensions, even to the point of precipitating a crisis.

Here’s what I want to know: how certain is the US that the extent of North Korean money laundering was huge enough to justify the imposition of such  suffocating economic sanction? Those details will emerge over the next few days. And if it turns out that US economic sanctions were not proportional to the counterfeiting, it’s quite possible that North Korea will win a lot of sympathy and even support from the Asian world.






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