High Praise to Yoru

You may notice a change in the wordpress theme. I’m using a great Simple Lavender WP theme which was created by Philipino webdesigner Yoru (here’s her weblog here). I just love the Ajaxy magic she’d done to the post archives. Ooh! Looks like she’s listed plugins she’s used. Now that’s classy!

If you compare Yoru’s home page with mine, you see that the look and feel of this weblog has a long way to go. For example, the right column acts a little crazy. And also, I don’t like the width of posts to be that great. On my big browser, it can cause your head to do a lot of moving from left to right. And do I really need to list all those categories? (How very 2003!). Oh, maybe I’ll find the time to fix these things up.

Of course, since people are getting their blog fix through RSS readers, one wonders if web design is so very 2005.

Superficial observations about 2.1 wp upgrade. 2.1 uses ajaxy magic to save posts at 5 minute intervals. That’s cool.






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