XSLT/Zope 3 Geekend

It’s official. This weekend, I’m going to do some playing around with Zope 3/Five application development.

I bought Web Application Development with Zope 3, a recently published book about the subject.

Here are some appetizers to follow on the worldcookery site.

I’ll be going through Martin Aspeli’s tutorial on 2.5/zope 3 development.

I’ll be watching Rocky Burt’s video of the talk he gave at Plone conference in Seattle on zope 3. It was way over my head at the time, but I think I’m ready for it. Well, not intellectually ready, but psychologically ready. I’m rarin’ to go.

I have my zope hosting to try it out on a live server (well, zope 2.10 with Five). Also, I have my laptop to try things on.

Making a zope 3 application will be an academic exercise, but very instructive for figuring out the interfaces (also, good for familiarizing myself with python. And getting myself ready for deploying my plone 3 site.

My goal for the weekend is not to get a plone site out (although I think I might end up doing so).

I’m preparing for the upcoming release of Plone 3.0 alpha 2 this weekend. Beta 1 should be out at the end of February (yes, there’s been significant schedule slip, but I can wait).

Although I won’t get around to it, I’d like to get my head around the KSS tutorial (which is plone’s version of Ajax).

I am not a fulltime programmer, but I enjoy getting it into it again. Also, I wanted to try writing some XSLT this weekend. That might be wildly optimistic, but it would be very nice.






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