Teleread Updates

We’ve been down with some major problems on our database. This post will contain periodic updates about what is going on.

I expect we’ll have something up by evening, and by morning we should be as good as new (perhaps better!).

For the truly curious, you can follow our progress on the wordpress forums.

8:50 PM CST. Still in the information gathering stage.

9:17 PM CST. If you are a teleread user who have registered with the site, you may notice false messages going to your email. Now that part of the problem has taken on its own urgency.

9:50 PM CST.  Also, if you are receiving emails from the through some computer bug, we apologize. We are working on some kind of solution quickly. Also, if you are experiencing the onslaught of emails, my Skype login is “idiotprogrammer” and my yahoo messenger account is :robertdotnagle”






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