Will Luise Rainer show up?

The only question I wonder about tomorrow Oscar’s ceremony: will the oldest Academy Award winner Luise Rainer appear live on the stage for the 80th anniversary of the Oscars? 5 years ago (the last time they invited former winners to appear) she was 93 and looking majestic and yet feeble.

Here’s she is in Great Ziegfeld as the vain actress Anna Held. (I couldn’t find her classic scene on the telephone where she calls to congratulate her ex-husband Flo on a good show).  Also, watch the You Gotta Pull Strings.. The man who appears at the end is Will Rogers!

From Great Ziegfeld here’s the immortal song Pretty Girl is Like a Melody  that made the movie what it is. Even today the art deco sets stand out as remarkable for any time. (It looks even more stunning on the big screen –watching it on Youtube really ruins the experience). BTW, I am too lazy to check whether I already blogged about Pretty Girl already. 8 minute long take — remarkable!






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