Houston is the Country’s Worst Recycler

Felicity Barringer on the state of recycling in the major cities:

The Los Angeles region most recently reported a 59 percent diversion rate, a number still being audited by state regulators. San Jose, at 62 percent, claims the best-in-class crown for cities of 900,000 or more. Statewide, the figure for 2006 was 54 percent.

With the exception of Chicago, which boasted a 55 percent rate in 2006 — the most recent year for which national comparisons are available — Eastern and Midwestern cities lagged well behind their California counterparts. According to the most recent annual survey of the trade magazine Waste News, in 2006 New York City was at 30.6 percent, Milwaukee at 24 percent, Boston at 16 percent and Houston at 2.5 percent.

Sign the petition to the Houston mayor to increase efforts towards recycling.

Caught from the blog of the New Capital Show. New Capital Show is a great KPFT radio show run by Leo Gold, a businessman with a progressive and conservationist bent. The normally scheduled time for the show is Thursday at 10 AM, but it’s available as podcast. Combined with Engines of Our Ingenuity and Geek Radio,  this is one of those can’t miss shows for Houstonians.






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