Why Palin Probably won’t be president in 2012

From electoral-vote about the Alaska Senate race and whether Palin could run for president if she didn’t appoint herself Senator:

If Begich does win, Palin will be stuck in Alaska, which will make it much harder for her to campaign for President. Just the logistics will be daunting. Although the state capital is Juneau, she actually lives in Wasilla, which is 45 minutes north of Anchorage, AK. The states she would want to campaign in are Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. There are two reasonable ways to get to New Hampshire from Anchorage. First, she could fly to Chicago and then get a flight to Manchester, NH (total time: 10:35). Or second, she could fly to Minneapolis and then catch a flight to Logan in Boston (total time: 9:35) and then drive an hour to Manchester or 75 minutes to Concord. To campaign in Iowa, she could fly to Minneapolis and then catch a flight to Des Moines (total time: 7:53). To campaign in Charleston, she could go via Chicago and get to Charleston in 10:01. No matter how she does it, it takes a day to get there and a day to get back. Going to any of the states to give a speech at some event in the middle of the day will cost her three days. In contrast, Mitt Romney lives in Massachusetts, so New Hampshire is just a short drive away and Charleston and Des Moines are reachable in under 5 hours.

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