Twitter Boredom

Matthew Moore on Twitter faux pas.

Michael Cane on his guidelines about whether to follow you on twitter.

2) You Follow more than 1,000. Really, what is up with that? I’ve Blocked someone who was Following over twenty-five thousand forty-two thousand. That’s not having a conversation! That’s performing espionage on a small town!

a) If you write for children, you do not want to Follow me. I use what is sometimes whiningly referred to as Objectionable Language and you don’t want that kind of influence to seep into your books. Besides, children are best killed, cooked, and fed to dogs.

I am generally bored with any discussions about Twitter. A few weeks ago I wrote a small takedown of Twitter (when alas I should have been writing fiction). But I grew bored even with that.

Update 12 hours later.  While looking up the name of an illustrious twitter-person Jay Bushman, my firefox browser crashed. Curse you Jay Bushman! (Jay Bushman is of course the brains behind the Loose-Fish project and adapter of public domain texts into twitter format (see The Good Captain). During last year’s south by southwest, he reenacted via twitter the final hour of the Death Star.






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