Social Media Dump June 2022

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Been late about putting up this monthly pages. I read and discover all kinds of interesting things, but if I never get around to putting up the #$#$ page, I never include them here.

Kate Beckinsale has a thing for Pantomime horses.

NEW WORD: “STROAD” — “It is a street that is designed like a road, and in doing so, it fails at being good at either one. (This 18 minute is a must-watch vid with examples from many cities around the world — including Houston where I live).

See also this amazing anecdote about his visit to Houston and having lots of difficulty just walking 800 meters in North Houston (It starts at 4:13 minute mark). Honestly, this example is just like thousands of places in Houston. Uggh, we Houstonians have to put up with a lot!

Alas, I live in a Republican-leaning district where my congressional rep Troy Nehls hangs out with a lot of GOP crazies and still offers effusive praise for Trump. The irony is that the district is not that conservative (Trump won 50% of the vote here), but thanks to gerrymandering, it is considered a “safe GOP seat.” So I will have to live with Nehls for a fairly long time.

This video about using AI to generate images from text-descriptions really blew my mind. The technology probably is still in its infancy, but it raises a lot of questions. Some of the vid’s commenters pointed to possible uses in music vids, games, literature. Here’s an update discussion about the implication for art and artists.

FUNNY SPELLING BEE CONTEST: Every year Jimmy Kimmel invites the national champion spellers to see if they can spell better than the talk show host. (Here are the 2016 winners). I laughed my head off while watching this. The real 2022 national spelling bee — which I watched earlier tonight was really exciting to watch…. Two other episodes here and here.

Fun compilation of special effect tricks from movies.

Here’s a delightful 18 minute interview with the man who inspired the DiCaprio/Hanks movie, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Abagnale has written a memoir and several books about protecting yourself from scammers. Also, he gave a longer version of the speech at Google in 2017.

My first FB post was June 26, 2007. It said simply, “I’m too old for Facebook.” 15 years later, I wonder if anything has changed….

Here’s an incredibly useful guide to new gender identity terms (but were too embarrassed to ask about).

Movie Stuff: Terry Rossio on the importance of having a killer movie title. Wow, he has a lot more fun columns about writing screenplays.

Thread about great rules for screenplay writers.

Why google search is dying. Hey, I already wrote a post about this. Apparently a lot of people are going to google and typing the search term and appending the word “reddit” to it.

Dan Harmon’s story circle for writing scripts. Here’s a longer explanation.

I was going to post an interesting article here; then, I realized only a fraction of my friends would find it interesting (and an even smaller fraction would actually notice it). For everyone else, it would seem dull, irrelevant, distracting. So instead of posting this link, I shall merely note the omission, make an oblique reference to Wittgenstein and point out the difficulty of escaping one’s inner rationalizations. You’re welcome.

“There’s something about a problem being unprecedented in human history that makes applying legal precedent to it seem absolutely clownish.” (TWEET BY CLIMATE CHANGE PODCASTER
AMY WESTERVELT ON TODAY”S SUPREME COURT DECISION BLOCKING EPA”S REGULATION OF COAL POWER PLANTS). Here’s a transcript of her recent podcast about the West Virginia vs. EPA case.






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