Music Discoveries Aug-Sept 2022 #20

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Wow, I was really late creating my music column, so this one will cover 2 months. I was busy spending my remaining emusic credit. It’s funny. I keep resolving to cancel my membership or to suspend it indefinitely. Then when I am close to canceling, I keep finding some incredible musicians.

Lately I’ve been grabbing some albums from Opus Records which are listed in the 100 Greatest Slovak Albums of all time. I generally enjoy this album if only because of its vintage sound.

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Emusic Purchases

  1. Flames to Ashes by Elissa Pernu. 4.99, 13 tracks, 41 minutes. Great slow traditional sounding country songs by Australian singer Pernu and songwriter Bill Chambers. Lots of soothing harmonies and harmonica! (She also sings with a group Woven Hearts). It’s so great to listen to Pernu’s voice — especially in ballads like “One I Miss.” Even in songs like Oceans’ Wide where she lets loose some nice notes in the refrain, it blends very well with the light arrangements. This is real gem of an album!
  2. Best of Gosia Andrzejewicz. Polish pop star.
  3. Soliloquy for Lilith by Nurse with Wound. 145 minutes, 8 tracks, 6.49. Ambient stuff
  4. Taking Shape by Ohm Square. Groovy-nerdy and fast-paced Czech pop band with a retro sound. Lots of synthesizer and just strange but beautiful notes sung in harmony. Compare to The Octopus Project, Hooverphonic or Komeda . The songs definitely grows on you, but I still don’t know what I’ve just experienced. The vocals are crazy; check out Animated (with furiously fast sax and electric guitar) where the woman practically is scatting the lyrics. Every song is different and fun.
  5. In search of Sunrise 3 Panama by Tiesto. 4.99, 200 minutes. I love these old trance mixes, and I’ve collected most of the ISOS series.
  6. Rewashed – Series One. Compilation of Mole Listening Pearls label. 4.99, 120 minutes
  7. Siap Melayang by Young De Brock. 3.49 36 minutes. Indonesian hard rock. Surprisingly hard and fast and fun.
  8. Love Classics by Ohm Square. 5.49, 45 minutes.
  9. Albums by Marika Gombitová: Dievča do dažďa (1979 debut, most famous). Early album by this high-pitched Slovak pop star.
  10. Zelena posta by Pavol Hammel & Marian Varga. 43 minutes, 6.49 . Top rated 1972 album by two legends in Slovak music.
  11. Zlomky poznania by Miroslav Zbirka, 45 minutes, 13 tracks. 6.49
  12. s/t by Los Flakos. Delightfully weird and peppy Mexican pop. 3.99
  13. Dunyo by Nilufar Usmonova. (Uzbekistan) 51 minutes for 3.99. More pop songs by Uzbek superstar. The melodies are conventional Turk-influenced tracks, but her singing is always beautiful.
  14. Apart by Kidso. 99 cents, 30 minutes.
  15. Terraplane by Scott Ainslee (USA). 16 tracks, 50 minutes, 6.99
  16. Portraits by Louise Burns (Canada) . 47 minutes, 10 tracks. Slow and lovely songs that seem almost like psychedelic easy listening pop. Understated, minimal synth and arrangements, led along by Burns’ expressive voice. Compare to Nichole Atkins, Polly Scattergood, Sean Colvin.
  17. Curiche by Newen Afrobeat. (CHILE), 2.99, 48 minutes.
  18. Mister Mellow by Washed Out (USA). 5.49 for 29 minutes.
  19. Carried Away by Jessica Lee, (CAN) 4.99 for 11 tracks, 37 minutes.
  20. Wild Things by Ladyhawke (USA). 6.59 for 11 tracks, 37 minutes.
  21. Various live concerts in Poland: (mostly from 2010 or so). They all have the same title: Najmniejszy Koncert Świata. Here’s Tomek Lipinski & Tilt. (Tilt is one of the first Polish rock bands), and Hey, and Voo Voo

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Youtubey Things

Here’s a wild performance of a Buddy Holly song by Paul McCartney. Strap on your seatbeats!

PORTISHEAD NOSTALGIA. I heard several songs by this group on a mix tape I played all the time in Albania in 1995. Loved their music, but it never occurred to me to check their performances on Youtube. Here’s a terrific live performance. BTW, a “Glory Box” is an Australian idiom for a “hope chest” — a box filled with various household items and given to young married women.

Here’s a really wonderful Youtube video which analyzes Glory Box and the historical importance of the band. Here’s a 1995 interview and a Pitchfork Review.

BJORK “DEBUT” ….WITH HARPSICHORD!?? (and Gamelan, citar, etc.). I always loved the electro-dance “Debut” album which burst upon the scene in 1993. Just an hour ago I discovered the unplugged live version of this same album — full of minimalist — even anachronistic music arrangements. Some songs have the same pulsating energy (Violently Happy) while others like the soulful COME TO ME sound a lot smaller in scale. Bjork’s amazing voice comes through regardless; also I guess it becomes dull when you sing a song in a single way.

SINGING BY THE SHAGGS’ MEN! By now you have probably heard the story of the all girls’ band, THE SHAGGS, who were forced by their father to produce a music album even though they had crappy instruments, barely knew a thing about music and played songs for their iconic PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORLD album in a primitivist and almost otherwordly way. You probably already know that this original album reached a certain level of fame and notoriety and yes, even respect from music critics. BUT did you know that they did a second compilation album consisting of cover songs and this crazy song sung by the the girl’s father and brother. No joking — this song is kinda brilliant and psychotic — it sounds like a novelty song from the early rock era. It definitely sounds like musical talent runs in the family.

RAP SONG…WITH THE BEACH BOYS!? I was surprised and delighted to hear this 1987 mashup song Wipeout with the actual Beach Boys. In 1987 I was still in my “classical music” phase, so there’s absolutely no chance I would have heard that song when it was released.

Freegal and Library CDs

Bruce Cockburn: Stealing Fire and Nothing but a Burning Light

Various songs by Los-del-rio

Deluxe Special by Waitresses

Be Here Now by Oasis

Big Innings by Outfield

Songs of Daniel Johnston by Built to Spill

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