Music Discoveries Oct-Nov 2022 #21

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I recently came across this group named the Traveling Wilburys — and was stunned to see that this super group had Dylan, Petty, Harrison, Lynne, Orbison — and I’d never heard of them!

During the Beatles’ GET BACK documentary, George Harrison that they should have permanently split up and then get back together every decade or so and release a collaboration album. I guess the Beatles became super too quickly and then found they couldn’t walk away…

I was always into strange music. the stereotype is that when people get older their tastes are more traditional and timid, but I’m more into weird shit than I ever was. That said, I find some current pop music to be unlistenable — PostMalone, etc. But I am lot more tolerant about dance pop but experimentation for its own sake doesn’t excite me as much. Internet makes it so easy to learn about new music and musical styles. But it’s exciting to learn about how much I missed first time around….

1988-1989 (and actually a good part of the 1980s) was a black hole for me, musically speaking. I was listening to only classical, and then a bit of jazz, but by 1995 I was totally into pop music, Selena.

During college I listened to whatever my roommates were listening to but I was pretty much ignorant about anything remotely country until 1996 when a friend Sherry Stokes sent me a mix tape of country hits when I was living in Albania. From that point on, I became a fan even of country music — and then in 2000s I sort of became a pop music omnivore. I often joke that living in Albania gave me a first class education in American pop and country music.

Articles and Interviews


Emusic Purchases

  1. 23 am by Robert Miles. (4.99, 60 minutes). Iconic dream trance music from the late 1990s. I first heard Robert Miles in a Ukrainian dance club!
  2. Di Dalam Jiwa by David Bayu (IND). 3.49 for 35 minutes.
  3. Present Tense by Yumi Zouma (NZ) 6.49 for 35 minutes.
  4. Ile De Reve by Private Agenda. (UK). 3.99 for 41 minutes.
  5. Down by the Bayou by JeConte, 9 tracks, 39 minutes.
  6. Sezónne lásky by Miroslav Zbirka (SLO). 44 minutes, 12 tracks, 6.49, I think Zbirka’s 80s album Zlomky poznania was one of the best albums I’d heard all year. This one is not quite as good, but still enjoyable. He’s like a Slovak Journey or Styx, peppy, upbeat, catchy.
  7. Atelier duse by Marika Gombitova (SLO). 44 minutes, 11 tracks, 6.49
  8. Archer by Suzanne Choffel. (USA) 7 tracks, 26 minutes. Austin singer.
  9. Brazilian budget albums: Clareou by Dinho Zamorano, Sem Moldura by Ive Greice,
  10. Albums by Norwegian singer/composer Kate Havnevik (NO: Melankton, Lightship,
  11. Hello KittenKitten and the Hip. 5.49, 48 minutes. Great British pop duo with retro jazzy sensibility. The singer Scarlett Quinn is great.
  12. Zawsze jest za krótko by 3moonboys. 6.49, Polish avante-garde jazz-rock fusion group which puts together these amazing rhythmic pieces almost seem orchestral,
  13. Dyliżans Siedmiu by Tatvamasi, 41 minutes, 2.49
  14. Na Osi Czasu by Anita Lipnicka. 6.49, 72 minutes. Live concert from 2017 by this Polish folk singer. Hints of Joan Baez, etc. Probably not as good as her studio recordings, but the only title on emusic.
  15. Philadelphia 1980 by Frank Zappa. 6.99 for 4 hours.
  16. Live 1981 by Devo. 70 minutes for 6.49 Audio quality isn’t great, but the energy is. Also, didn’t realize I had so little music by Devo other than a Greatest Hits.
  17. Pillars by Soderqvist. 12 tracks, 5.49, 50 minutes.
  18. Penny Days by Lazylazy. 8 tracks, 99 cents.

Bandcamp Purchases

  1. Now by 19 Wiosen. NYP. I loved this rock band by this electro-punk album by this Polish group. Surprisingly chill for a punk band that’s around for 2 decades. BTW, other albums are more raw, not as well put together. This one is terrific.

Youtubey Things

Aha, I ‘m noticing that my musical posts start to have giant gaping holes when a Youtube vid becomes unavailable. So I need to identify the song for the vid.

I ain’t no miracle worker by The Brogues. (1966). Incredible California garage rock band — great lyrics too.

Here’s Shagg’s Own Thing, a totally bizarre song by the men of the Shaggs (the brother and the father?!

Emiliana Torrini – Gollum’s Song

Here’s a great interview with Devo on David Letterman in 1982. I realize that they are just being silly/strange for its own sake, but the two band leaders are both eloquent and hilarious. (This clip includes no music btw). Enjoy!

Freegal and Library CDs

  1. 7 Seconds (compilation); also Africa Rekk, Youssou N’Dour
  2. Various 80s hits by Debbie Gibson
  3. Sixteen Stone by Bush
  4. Love in the Time of Science by Emiliana Torrini. Torrini sang that incredible song, Gollum’s Song from the Lord of the Rings saga
  5. Songs by Nina Bogdanov, who sang popular jazz and pop hits in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. There’s an incredible number she performed in the 60s with Rossner Jazz Orchestra (one of my all time favorite youtube finds). Нина Бродская – Хали-Гали

Reviews (Rateyourmusic/Personal Reviews, etc)

See also my rateyourmusic profile and my review Google Docs.

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