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  • Soon there will be book reviews! (Thank you Tablepress!)

    I am embarrassed to admit this, but one of the reasons I haven’t posted book reviews in a while is in wordpress it is difficult to make tables well. A good 2 column table is the perfect format for displaying capsule book reviews. The left cell contains the cover art; the right cell contains the…

  • You’re not supposed to read this!

    To my astonishment and dismay, while looking at Google Reader I noticed on my  blog’s RSS feed an essay which I had not yet made live. Wow, how did that happen? Frankly,  when I’m still working on a draft, things can look awfully ugly. By the time I click PUBLISH, I’ve gotten rid of most…

  • testing 1,2,3 Ipad (Ignore this please!)

    Nothing going on here. I’m just testing the word press blogging app on word press. Wish me luck! Ok, that was painful. The publish button was nowhere. To correct that, you must confirm you are in edit mode, then hover your focus on Status and change it to publish. Also, cut and paste has not…

  • What I’ve Been Doing

    Yesterday I upgraded 7 wordpress installs. It’s gotten both easier and more difficult. It’s easier because I’ve written out a series of necessary steps with UNIX commands about what to do. (It just occurred to me that I could put the mysql backups in a script. I’m sure there’s a way to run a mysql…

  • Calibrating Your Monitor

    I’ve been learning an awful lot about video production this past week. Every day I learn I need some new gadget I never heard about (Today it’s filters and filter rings). Yesterday it was wide angle lenses. Calibrating your monitor . Here’s another article WordPress Backup program

  • Don’t Cripple My Posts!

    Can I bitch about wordpress for a moment? I have no time to invest in customizing my weblog for a moment (although I have plans to spend a weekend doing precisely that in the near future). But I just want to bitch for a moment about the default upgrade for 1.5 (not the most recent).…

  • Trackback spam

    After successfully installing hashcash, a comment spam eliminator for WordPress, Matt reminds us about trackback spam. As Rosana Dana Dana says, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Interestingly, the mass edit feature for comments has been broken all the time for this release. That has turned out to be a major problem for me…

  • Go West, Matt Mullenweg

    Here’s a nice lengthy profile of Matt Mullenweg in the Houston Press by CATHERINE MATUSOW. Matt (aka Photomatt) is a bright young developer who has been leading the wordpress blogging software project. Note: I switched to WordPress in June 2003 and remember being shocked that a local boy was running the project. Now, it seems…

  • Cheap Weblogging

    This was inevitable, but webhosting services are bundling wordpress in with their hosting deals. See and cyberwurx (and probably dozens of others). I bet Matt is laughing.

  • WordPress Plugins

    Wow, look at all those WordPress plugins! I need to upgrade sometime!

  • Inmates are Running the Asylum

    More on prison abuses by OSHA GRAY DAVIDSON: According to an internal Army investigation contained in the secret files, the civilian-run Coalition Provisional Authority had hired at least five members of Fedayeen Saddam — a paramilitary organization of fanatical Saddam loyalists — to work as guards at the prison. An Iraqi guard, probably one of…

  • Conference: China’s Digital Future

    Dan Gillmore will be speaking at a conference on China’s Digital Future . They even will have archives of their conference.

  • Google and Blog Feeds

    Photomatt speculates about why Googlebot is searching for atom.xml files

  • Switching to Zope

    A kuro5hin post about a developer who switched from php to python. A reminder: I’ll be hosting my main literary ezine site on plone, although my weblogs will stay in the wordpress/php territory. Sidenote about wordpress: aside from having good open source licenses, the most recent version has the following additions/improvements: You can choose multiple…

  • Traceback v. pingback

    WordPress developer Matt M. talks about traceback vs. pingback vs. referrals. The critique and the responses are good, but I still don’t know what good it is unless the weblogging application does the pingback automatically.