Social Media Dump Feb 16-28 2022

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One vicious/ghastly/fascinating fact about every US president. Here’s a direct link to the James Buchanan joke — start at 1:55. Yes, that’s Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman in this sketch.

Here’s an interactive diagram of Minnesota song birds. I wish all states could do something like this.

NEW ON KANOPY: Just noticed that all the episodes to SPACE 1999 are free to watch on KANOPY. I honestly have no idea how disappointing it will be to watch those episodes again. I recently watched one of my guilty pleasures, RED DWARF: The Promised LAND (released in 2020). I had to pay 2.99 to watch it on Amazon non-prime, but boy did it deliver! I laughed and laughed and laughed… It really is amazing how much they have milked that sci fi concept to death.

Here’s a bizarre sing-a-long starring US and European celebrities from the 1980s and 1990s.


(A JOKE). So there was this world famous medical clinic in Switzerland. And one day the top doctor in the place called three of his patients into his office for a meeting. One was an Englishman, one was French and the other was a Jewish guy from Cleveland.

And the doctor said: “I have bad news and good news for all of you.”

“The bad news is I have evaluated your cases thoroughly and unfortunately there is nothing more I can do to help you. All of you will die within a month.”

“The good news is that I can grant each of you one wish and this can be anything you desire.”

Hearing this, the Englishman immediately began to describe a month-long series of elaborate meals that he wished to have prepared for him by the most famous chefs in Europe.

Not to be outdone, the Frenchman asked that the ten most beautiful women in Europe be brought to the clinic so that he might be suitably entertained in the last month of his life.

Finally, the doctor turned to his Jewish patient from Cleveland and asked, “And what sir, may I do for you?

To which the Jewish man replied, “Well to tell you the truth, I’d like to see another doctor.”

I’ve been listening to a great podcast about how the Conan OBrien show was made. In the Robert Smigel interview, I’ve learned so many things: how they made the hilarious talking photograph interviews (also known as clutch cargo ) and the Triump the Wonder Dog remotes.

DANGEROUS AND DEADLY POLITICAL THEATER. Houstonian and parent of trans teen Katie Laird speaks out against Texas attorney general’s new rule to label gender-affirming medical procedures as “child abuse”) Quote from a local TV show: “I want ALL of our kids to stay healthy while happy — thriving — while this battle of conflicting mandates is very unproductive and very harmful for every single family in this state…. .We have a lot of things in this state that need to be fixed and tweaked and worked on in Texas. To manufacture these divisions and these grievances does nothing for anybody. It is a waste of our time and our money and our hearts.” (from a local TV interview:






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