Category: Anti-Consumer Hall of Shame

  • BUG: Epub files uploaded to Kindle Android App fail to show hyperlinks correctly

    Ebook geek Robert Nagle describes a bug for the Android Kindle app which prevents hyperlinks from working. Updated over time.

  • Why does Comcast require 4 months to send a $20 refund?

    Everybody has their tales of awful customer service, and I’m going to share mine. I paid for a family member to have Comcast broadband Internet. The price was about $30 per month for 6 months, then Comcast increased the price to the “normal” monthly price of $46.97. I switched Internet providers, and called to cancel…

  • Software Bugs are invading my dreams!

    TX blogger Robert Nagle tells a scary story about how browser issues are waking him up at night (literally!)

  • Why HSBC Sucks

    (This post includes my specific complaint about HSBC’s failure to close my account after I had paid my balance. However, over time, I have expanded this post to include helpful information for US consumers about how to fight the business practices of HSBC). If you are an American and have a problem with an HSBC-backed…

  • Perils of Mandatory Arbitration

    I am currently embroiled in a minor dispute about HSBC credit card. They treated me shabbily and then continued to assess fees. And I continue to protest and am willing to bring it to small claims or mandatory arbitration. I am a stubborn SOB when I am in the right. Here’s a news-breaking article in…