Linux Backup Strategies

I’m currently working on a master backup strategy for my home network. Here’s the best site on Linux Backups with rsync. Another good backup utility is RIBS .While scouring the net for ideas, I came across Carla Schroeder (i.e bratgrrl). She has written numerous articles on Linux System Administration (and other articles here). Topics include linux backup strategies Part One and Part Two, Rsync Backup, Digital Archive Strategies and Using CVS.

I subscribe to Brian Hatch’s linux security newsletter. His book is great even though I don’t have the latest edition. Useful: Secure Passwordless logins part one and Part Two.

Backing up is one of these crucial and laborious sys admin tasks, something that literally prevents you from embarking on projects if you don’t have it all straightened up (such as this weblog). Hopefully I’ll have a good progress report later.






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