Linux v. Radeon

I run gentoo linux on both my machines at home. Even though it has a learning curve, I’ve generally been happy. I knew that with linux 3-D support of Radeon videocard would be wishful thinking, but Gentoo forum has an awfully long thread about Gentoo and Radeon. As complex as it sounds, it actually sounds like a manageable thing to try when I have a spare moment. Gentoo has great documentation, including a document on3-D rendering with video cards. Slashdot reported on a rumor that ATI was no longer going to be helping with ATI linux drivers (a report that oversimplified the situation tremendously).

I bought a Radeon 64MB VIVO with video capture possibilities for about $290 in October 2000. Apparently though the supporting software doesn’t work with Windows XP, so yesterday I shelled out another $20 for an update CD. Let’s see if that works. On a more positive note, I bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and played it for a bit yesterday. Will report later. I will say that it’s only rendering 640×480, perhaps because the card doesn’t support Direct X 9.0 (I think). I have another game, Icewind Dale, which I bought in early 2001 for about $30. Now it sells for $3. Oh, capitalism. The trick is to get excited about games that are at least two years old.

Maybe when I get Radeon to render 3-D in Linux, I’ll start writing dungeons for Neverwinter Nights






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