Love Hotels

An article about Japanese Love Hotels.

If you?ve never been to a love hotel before, there are three prices. The first is for a ?rest?. In Osaka, the ?rest? price is usually for one hour. In Tokyo, it?s usually for two or three. (Obviously, the sexual stamina of Osakans is inferior to that of Tokyoites). The more expensive price is for an overnight ?stay?. Unfortunately, you can?t usually check in until nine or ten pm. If you want to check in before that, you will have to pay for an extension, usually 1000-2000 yen per half-hour, which can really add up. The third price is ?Service Time? or ?Free Time?. Service time is offered during the day, and the price of a rest is deeply discounted. Free time is a sort of ?Sex hoo dai? (All you can screw) where you can stay as long as you want for a fixed price. Your ?staying power? will determine whether this is worth the price or not.






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