Server Up!

Ok, people, my webserver has been out for an entire week. What a pain. It all started with a KVM switch not working and my being unable to use my mouse on the linux web server. I don’t actually run kde on my server, only the lowend fluxbox, but for a day or so, the server didn’t boot, saying something like RAID failure. Raid failure! Yikes!

After some trial and error, the machine was able to boot and yes, even to use a mouse. But my web server was not working. As it turns out, a mysql upgrade confused it, so I went ahead and upgraded to apache 2.0 (which gentoo emerge was constantly suggesting). I found a gentoo apache bug which I basically had to solve on my own. Then the usual silliness with setting up virtual hosts.

Although webmin didn’t find all of my virtual hosts, I am nonetheless beginning to think that webmin is the only way to manage a web server. Editing files gets really old.






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