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  • How tall is Robert Nagle?

    How tall is Robert Nagle, the author from Texas? Answers are here.

  • The Ultimate Death Playlist

    “The Death Playlist” by TX writer Robert Nagle (although with random thoughts about death and funerals)

  • Facelift is a-coming!

    Blogger Robert Nagle vows to improve the look and feel of this blog.

  • My FS&G Ebook Spree

    About 24 hours ago I stumbled upon a major ebook sale — and I have no one to tell it too! Actually now I am really busy. Been slaving away on a publishing project due in 48 hours. But I take occasional breaks and noticed the mention of an ebook sale on reddit. Through playing…

  • Personville Press links

    Links to the latest content on the Personville Press website.

  • Back in the Groove, Baby

    TX lit blogger offers a lame excuse about why he hasn’t been doing anything online.

  • New Web Address: Lennin Repizo Barber & Beauty Salon

    Announcing the new website for Katy hair salon Lennin Repizo (as of Jan 2022)

  • Less than Perfection

    TX blogger Robert complains about being paralyzed by his ongoing computer problems.

  • New — Social Media Posts

    Happy 2021! Starting this year I’ll try to repost my social media posts from social media here on my blog. I’ve tried doing this before, but somehow I always forget to update things, or it’s too much of a bother. I’m going to try something different this time. Make a post for every 2 week…

  • Back to Tell You All…

    I’ve been extraordinarily busy on publishing matters over the last 9 months. Just wanted to say that I’ll be posting a Robert’s Roundup of Ebook Deals (Dec 2020 Smashwords edition) sometime early next week (aiming for PM Dec 28).

  • My Literary Shame

    As an ebook lover, it may surprise people to learn how attached I am to my book collection. They are like pets or longtime companions. I don’t feel nostalgic about books — I gave away all my pre-1923 books without guilt. But some (many!) books are there to remind me of my longtime ambitions to…

  • Things which really annoy me: A list

    Everyone is annoyed by certain things, not by others. It’s time I made my own list: News or Movies or TV shows about sports figures. Generally I don’t care about sports at all. Whenever someone mentions the latest triumph by the local sports team, I ask, “Is that the one with the touchdowns?” or “I…

  • Why I support Elizabeth Warren for President

    I first heard about Elizabeth Warren when she was being interviewed on PBS by Bill Moyers in the early 2004. She was bright and insightful about consumer finances. She had just written a book about the “Two Income Trap” and had all sorts of insights into real estate, jobs and family and consumer debt. I…

  • Ok, being lazy

    Ok, haven’t posted in a while. Have been lazy. But I have been thinking a lot about blogposts, so eventually something will squirt out of me. Be patient. For the moment I’ve been working on a blog post where I praise canned sardines (seriously). Ok, for the truly desperate, you can check out my August…

  • Back in the Saddle (Memorial Day Edition)

    Excuse the radio silence here for the last month. A lot has been going on in my life — maybe at some point I’ll go into detail, but not now. Generally though, my time sucks are behind me, so I’ll be back to blogging and other literary things. Stay tuned!

  • LIF (“Life” minus the letter “E”)

    To my dismay, for six days or so, I found that typing a particular button on my PC wouldn’t work. I had to push this button again and again until it (finally!) did its job. That nonfunctioning button was (obviously) my “e” button. How long could humans last without it? Upon making a visit to…