Open-Source Course Development

I used to read elearningpost every day and have grown out of the habit. I’m trying to catch up. Judith Boettcher writes an interesting article about online course development where she links to two useful resources to online course software: a review of of weblearning software and Sakai, which is basically a java-based content framework for educational tools and services. She writes:

If program planners use a working estimate of $10,000 per credit hour for a master?s degree program, then a 30-credit master?s degree program can require an investment of $300,000. The available examples in the literature often provide examples of investments ranging higher, in the neighborhood of $15,000 to $20,000 per credit hour. Institutions have been very creative in finding ways to reduce these up-front investment costs. Some strategies that appear to be successful are collaborating with other institutions and finding corporate sponsors for whom programs are specifically designed and delivered.

On another note, eduplone serves as a platform for educational services. Here’s an article about eduplone with more details about implementation and use and the fle3 home page (which is zope-based).







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